Our values

Company DŽEBO-Company Ltd. je osnovana 2012.godine kao društvo sa ograničenom odgovornošću za unutrašnju i vanjsku trgovinu i usluge sa sjedištem u Tešanj.

  • Team work.

    We recognize that our primary value is people. We work as a team with our clients. Mutual respect is the basis for our success.

  • Integrity.

    We adhere to the principle that when we commit or make an agreement, we always stick to the agreed word.

  • Excellence.

    We skillfully perform our work, using innovation and ingenuity, so that we provide a high-quality finished product and excellent customer service.

  • Work safety.

    At DŽEBO-Company we are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees, our subcontractors, our clients and the general public.

  • Innovation.

    We foster a culture that embraces the need for change. We encourage and support innovation and individual creativity in solving problems; always rises to the challenge.

  • Communication.

    We take the time to listen. Open, honest and proactive communication with clients, partners and employees is essential for our business.

Our mission

We have one goal: to be the best builders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It's a burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their results — and exceed their strategic goals. Although our goal is somewhat aspirational, our values are what drive us every day.

Our vision

DŽEBO-Company strives to maintain project diversity as it continues to expand its construction activities, building corporate interiors, renovating existing properties and seeking to increase its participation in the construction of high design residential apartments on the ground floor, condominiums and hotels.

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